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sevenone. x % ARABICA

Witnessing (and working hard on) % ARABICA win over coffee lovers hearts all over the UAE has been an absolute joy. With launching this brand, we made sure to match it to the region's coffee lifestyle and active social media scene yet at the same time push people to try something new and experience the beautiful flavors of coffee beans from all over the world, roasted fresh in store. 

To create an emotional bond with a brand we always find ways to connect with the community - for example with % ARABICA we launched a drawing competition during the week leading up to National Day to emerge the brand into the UAE culture and bond with the people. We also worked together with local artist Sara Al Arif on creating custom wall art during the Dubai Canvas at CITY WALK Dubai to promote talent from the UAE as well as show the fun side of the brand and create photo opportunities - scroll down to have a look at a few examples.

the % EFFECT.

We worked on creating a hype around the % logo within the UAE. Even people who never heard of the brand before, started to recognize the % sign and connecting it to Arabica because pictures and videos kept popping up in their feeds. We invited the right people and encouraged guests to imitate the style of our visuals and tagging their posts, with often the hope of being reposted. 


The creative campaigns and strategies are always developed with keeping the social pages/share-abilty in mind. We work with the right influencer according to your specific brand and create a visual style, while keeping your brand guidelines in mind to convey the right message.

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